The Stone Raft

One day a crack appears in the Pyrenees and the Iberian peninsula slowly severs itself from the European mainland. How did this come about? No one knows, but one thing is for certain, the lives of the Iberians will never be the same again. The book follows the travails of a gang of five people, juxtaposing it against the geopolitical turmoil caused by the split. All manner of theories are put forward, but none are credible enough to sustain the imagination of even the credulous for long.

This is another one of those foreign language books that reads beautifully in English. You get a sense of wonder, a touch of magical realism at the proceedings, but the book is good enough to captivate your interest without any gimmicks. Jose Saramago is good at capturing the essence of the sense of disbelief that most of us need to survive in the modern world. The characters are realistic without being cynical, and just dazed enough to sympathize with. A good book and well worth the read.

ISBN: 0156004011

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