Kill the bastards

Is anyone else sick of all these periodic protests by ‘Muslims’ against things in the media? The Pope makes a speech and suddenly people in 35 countries are up in arms. Are these people really studying the content of every papal speech in German states? Make no mistake, I’m not excusing the Pope, he’s an incompetent lout and should be summarily executed, just to set the matter straight.

Now for these so called ‘Muslim’ religious fanatics eagerly aping Echelon in its nefarious activities. I dislike all generalizations and this is yet another slick one that backfires like a boomerang. And we all know it’s the extremist minorities fanning the flames of discontent amongst the moderates, to attract more people to their cause, but can they really have that much power? And it’s sad to watch people who are living in abject poverty, with umpteen mouths to feed foaming at the mouth over the words of some clergyman somewhere? Ahhh poverty, the fertile breeding ground of extremism, be it the post-1990 ruins of Eastern Germany or the rabid souks of Arabia.

And why is the media giving this matter so much importance? Thanks for enforcing the divisions with one hand while preaching about how evil they are with the other. I’m so disgusted by mass media reporting, have been for a while, but the BBC’s continuing coverage of this utter drivel is enough to drive anyone mad.

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