Joomla Netsuite authentication plugin and integration

It seems no one has written an authentication plugin for Joomla that validates against a Netsuite database. Since I wrote exactly this a while ago, here’s my contribution back to the Joomla community.

This plugin works with Joomla 1.5+ and Netsuite 2.50+. It also supports cloning of Netsuite accounts as local Joomla users. What this means is that when a user logs in with their Netsuite credentials, their account information gets replicated into the Joomla database and a local Joomla user is made (on top of the remote Netsuite user). This has the added benefit of providing failover when Netsuite is busy. Since Joomla allows you to specify the order of authentication plugins, simply set this plugin as the first one and the native Joomla authentication plugin as the second. If the Netsuite connection should time out or fail for some reason, the user can still validate against the local Joomla user account and access the site.

The plugin has a few options, all accessible from the Plugin Panel in the Joomla Administrator back-end. You’ll need to enter some data to make the plugin work

1. Netsuite System Account Login – your Netsuite system login
2. Netsuite System Account Password – your Netsuite system password
3. Netsuite System Account Number – your Netsuite system account number
4. Netsuite Login Error Log Table – the table in the database where you should log all netsuite logins and login failures, including SOAP faults
5. Netsuite Registration Form – the Signup form for a user who doesn’t yet exist in the Netsuite database
6. Forgot Password Form – the ‘Forgot Password’ form for a user who exists in Netsuite but typed in a bad password
7. Login Form – the login form on your site, so that the user can be redirected to it in case an unknown exception occurs.

You can download the plugin file from here. Installation instructions are the same as for all plugins, nothing extraordinary here. Use the Plugin Manager in the back-end to install this plugin.

Good luck and please leave feedback if you find this plugin useful. Also, please donate if you end up using this plugin and it saves you time and money.

11 thoughts on “Joomla Netsuite authentication plugin and integration”

  1. Very nice plugin. I’m looking for something that will sync user data from Joomla and CB to Netsuite. Can you help out?

  2. I’ve been looking for someone to develop the Joomla/CB/Netsuite with no luck. nobody seems to understand Joomla/CB.
    Let me know if you’re interested

  3. Hi Viren,
    I’m starting a few week ago to work with NetSuit but I see that it not SE and user friendly system. This is a mess…
    I’m looking for a solution how to integrate NetSuite CRM, ERP, Accounting features into Joomla web site.
    Any suggestions will be appreciated.
    Thanks an advance.

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  5. This is exactly what I need but for Joomla 3… Are you working on an updated version?

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